Games Workshop 2nd Edition Big Guy Ogres

There are 4 different Blood Bowl ogres for the 2nd editon. The Starplayer „M´Gorg`Gn`Throg“, the Starplayer „Grak`ng`Grag Gorthag“ and the Ogre players 1 and 2. Ogre player 2 was sculpted by Michael Perry and Jes Goodwin. All other Blood Bowl ogres were sculpted by Bob Olley.

Personal note: The last ogre shown here is not a Blood Bowl miniature. He is a old Warhammer miniatures called „Gladiator“ and sculpted by Jes Goodwin. But I think, he fits well into these Blood Bowl Ogres. All those ogres were painted in the beginning of my Blood Bowl time. So sorry about the square bases… 😉

The blinking 2nd edition Ogre is my avatar at the NAF and TFF forum. I use it for quite some years now.

I send 2014 a 2nd Edition Ogre into the world as a Geocaching Travelbug. In 2016, after travelling 11130 km from Germany to Canada, he was lost. So, if some Canadian Coach see him, please contact me.