Games Workshop 6th Edition Big Guys

Rat Ogre - 2017

The 9-component resin kit includes 2 32mm round bases, one featuring a hole to slot a ball into, indicating possession of the ball in your games of Blood Bowl. His rules are available in Blood Bowl Death Zone Season One. The miniatures was sculpted by Mark Bedford and released March 2017.

The 1st Troll - 2017

This multi-part plastic kit contains 19 parts to assemble a rather large Troll , winding up to fling a Goblin into the end zone.

The troll was designed by Dave Thomas and, not coming from Forgeworld, produced by Games Workshop as a plastic miniature. Released April 2017.

Ogre - 2017

Able to smash, crash and bash through even the toughest opponents, Ogres provide Human teams with that touch of utter brutality sometimes missing from their rosters. It’s not that the Humans they play alongside are puny, far from it – it’s just that sometimes a wall of linemen needs to be shattered, and an Ogre can get the job done much more quickly, and with much nastier results. It’s just more efficient! This beast was sculpted by Dave Thomas and released March 2017.

Minotaur - 2017

Minotaurs’ enormous strength, minimal intelligence and vicious, depraved mentality would appear to make them almost perfect Blood Bowl players.

This kit comes as 6 components. Rules for the Minotaur can be found in Death Zone Season Two!
Sculpted by Nicolas Nguyen and released August 2017.

The Armoured Troll - 2019

Trolls with the combination of brute strength and legendary hardiness may well be infamous for their lack of intellect, but their ability to casually dismember opposing players when they do remember to do something useful more than makes up for it. Judging by the torn limb being used as an improvised club, this Troll has already been getting stuck in!
Sculpted by Dave Thomas and casted as a 10-piece kit in high quality resin. Released February 2019.

Nurgle Rotspawn - 2019

Rotspawn of Nurgle are such cursed champions. They can no longer understand a game plan and need careful handling, but they are kept around for the strength they bring and the disruption they cause with its combination of Tentacles and Disturbing Presence.
The Nurgle Rotspawn, sculpted by Steve Whitehead is a high-quality resin kit comprising four parts and supplied with a 40mm round plastic base. Released March 2019.

Mutated Minotaur - 2019

All minotaurs are slab-muscled and vicious as a rule. On top of all that, some of them carry mutations that make them even more intimidating and lethal. Features two gargantuan mutated claws and well armoured, his kit is fittingly menacing and spiky, with a form-fitting helmet and bulbous eye protectors, as well as a delightful skull on the right shoulder – this probably used to belong to someone who didn’t get out of the way quickly enough.

This miniature, sculpted by xxx, comes as 6 resin components and was released May 2019 from Forgeworld and was only available online until June 29th 2019.

Mutated Minotaur - Made to Order - 2023

Previously exclusive to Warhammer World and events and only available online  for a short time, this miniature returned again to sale on a Made to Order basis for a short time from 23rd of December 2023 until the 2nd of January 2024.