About me

well, one of my major hobby, as you can guess for sure, is Miniatures collecting and painting.

The Beginning: In my younger days i glued and painted a lot of plastic Airfix, Rewell and Tamiya 1:35 scale models together. I started painting and collecting metall miniatures about 1994. I bought the Games Workshop game „Spacehulk“ and i didnt like the plastic Terminators. So i bought some of the metall GW 40k Terminators and here it started. Now i own about over 8000 miniatures, but not only GW Blood Bowl miniatures. I guess, i will have still enough miniatures to paint when i retire.

The Blood Bowl / Fantasy Football collection: In the year 2000, while looking for lost stuff in my flat, i discovered my old painted Blood Bowl teams again which i never played with. And, while checking different websites about the Blood Bowl game, i started collecting only Blood Bowl miniatures for 4 years until i got nearly all old and new official Games Work Blood Bowl miniatures for my collection. Very helpful for starting my collection, until i got all old GW cataloges, too, was Tom „Galak“ Anders great website, which is now sadly closed because of GW related reasons. After i visited the TalkFantasyFootball website quite often, i was told by the members, not only to collect the miniatures, no, i should actualy play games with them! So i start playing 2003 with the visit of my first Blood Bowl tournament „Morgs Mannheim Massaker“ and started playing at international tournaments, too. Since 2004 I was also playing at my hometown league for some years.

Blood Bowl Dice: When 2016 Games Workshop started to produce the Blood Bowl miniatures using plastic and resin, i stopped collecting the Blood Bowl miniatures from this company. The quality of the miniatures is still very good, even better than before in my opinion, but i still dont like the “ feel“ of „weightless“ miniatures. 😉

So i started to collect Blood Bowl related dice in earnest. I got the Blood Bowl dice of Games Workshop, the anual dice of NAF and the dice of some attended tournaments already. But this was just the start… now (end of 2022) there are about 1900 dice at my showcase. The interest in those dice are bigger as someone will think about… and so i added a dice section into my website, too. 😉

Travelling the world: Another hobby was to travel foreign countries. In my schooldays i used to travel the European countries. Since 1992 i was away for about four to five weeks per year to visit different countries. These travels are on hold because of family reason right now. 😉 As my family is one of the oldest photographer family of Germany, i’m used to take photos, too. Some of my travel picts and tour description will be found at my Travel website, if i ever find the time to reopen this site again, too.

Sportshooting: Since about 8 years i´m a active sportshooter and started 2022 with IPSC, too.

I studied communicationsdesign at the technical college Mainz, Germany.
1993 i started working for the German TVstation ZDF . The first years i did the graphicworks for different departments of the TVstation like Childrens News, the weekly magazine „auslandsjournal“ and did the graphics for the Sports-magazins.
2000 i was send to the ZDF daughterchannel 3sat, and i worked for different 3sat departments, i.e. the science magazin“nano“ or the Computermagain „neues“.
2011 i was send back again to the ZDF and since this year until now i´m doing the daily graphics and animations for the Children´s news logo.

The first years i was used to work with Quantel workstations (Paintbox, Harriet and HAL). Right now i´m working with Windows- and Macintosh-Computer, using mostly Adobe-Softwares like Aftereffects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Curious-WorldMaps.