Manufacturers & Onlinestores

Some, but not all, websites of miniatures manufacturers and online-stores

A spanish miniatures manufacturer, who produced amongst other nice teams a great Ogre team.  Juan Willke, better known as „Videador“ to the Fantasy Football community, is the head of Hungry Troll.

One of the manufacturers asking for input of the Blood Bowl community and also using this input for producing better miniatures! Personal note: One of the best IMO. The Company, located at Florence, Italy, uses alsso well organized Indiegogo and Kickstarter Projects.

A Italian Fantasy Footbowl miniatures company which produced some very nice teams. The Horned Frogs should be well known as a example. This company is connected with Maki-Games, too.

Here are some very nice teams to find. Connected to the Comixininos online-store.

A Spanish company with some very nice sculpted miniatures and teams for Fantasy Football.

This company got some nice miniatures at the Fantasy Football section.

Sukubus Studio is an artistic study of miniatures for painters & gamers. And, of course for collectors of well made miniatures, too. They produced very special female teams, resin-casted in a very high quality.

3D Print – 3D Sculpt – Cast… and Paint! And a Crowdfunding Manager service.
Personal note: Very fine detailed resin casting!

The English company Black Scorpion Miniatures was founded in September 2005 by miniatures sculptor Adam Clarke. All the miniatures are sculpted and painted by Adam who has previously sculpted for Games Workshop and many others.
Personal note: I dont own any Black Scorpions miniatures, but i was very tempted to buy this nice halfling team!

A Company, which produced the The Fantasy Football Pro Box and some nice teams, too.

We have from loose figures and markers to complete teams with which to crush your opponent… there is also a 3D Sculpture Service.

A French Company, producing some interesting teams.

Personal note: I like those different themed balls, called ballons in French!

Greendog Miniatures
Another small spanish Blood Bowl miniatures company with some nice sculpted miniatures.

Gaming company based in Italy since 2015. Labmasu was started as a hobby but in a short time it takes all their time.

Vórtice Miniatures is a company from Almansa, Spain, dedicated to design and production of high quality fantasy football miniatures

Txarli Factory is a company that designs and manufactures miniatures, games and provides advisory services for third party organizations. The company was founded by Carlos Pileño back in 2015 and achieved until now two successfully funded campaigns of interesting Fantasy Football teams.

„We are a Gang of Goblins who have fun creating miniatures that we like. We want other people to enjoy painting and playing as much as we do. We share our ideas so they can become amazing miniatures.“ Sounds good, or ? 🙂

A German Miniatures Onlinestore with some Fantasy Football miniatures.

A Community Project to Create and Fund 32 mm Miniatures for Tabletop Fantasy Football Gaming.
This is also the home of the American Football inspired Human Fanatsy Football team.

Punga Miniatures a professional studio for creating miniatures. They create miniatures for various board games and wargames for more than 3 years, from the last it’s Legends of Signum and Tech Dusk, a lot of collectible miniatures and private miniatures.

A Spanish online-store selling Fantasy Football miniatures of different manufacturers, dice and other useful items for Fantasy Football.

If someone like to have a limited Edition miniature sculpted for a tournament, Impact! is the place to ask for. This company also sells miniatures from quite a lot of other companies and other useful stuff for Fantasy Football.

A new Spanish online-store (opened 2016), selling Fantasy Football miniatures of their own production and miniatures of other different manufacturers.

This British online-store sell Fantasy Football miniatures of different manufacturers. But also the newest miniatures of Games Workshop Blood Bowl miniatures for a good price. This onlinestore has a section of miniatures of old Blood Bowl editions, which are sometimes hard to find.

A good German online-store in Berlin. Selling also miniatures of different Fantasy Football miniatures manufacturers, but also a lot of other game-systems, miniatures and paints.

A good German online-store for different games, miniatures, paints, brushs, basing,sculpting tools, … and all with fast delivery in Germany.

A dice producing company. Many European tournament dice are designed and made by this Spanish company.
It seems also, there is just a spanish website.

A well known dice and dice accessories producing company, located in the USA and UK.

A site about custom Blood Bowl pitches for the table top game. They are available in both standard and custom-made version.

A nice onlinestore with some Fantasy Football miniatures like the team of the NAF World Cup Dornbirn 2019.
But a lot of different great base designs to choose from!!! Great stuff!