Bubble Utrecht, The Netherlands

Mr. Bubble Rotter 2004

Mr. Bubble Rotter 2004 Designed and sculpted by „Fondu“. This Nurgle Rotter is also known as „Mr. Bubble“. Its one of the firsst sculpts of Fondu and casted in resin.

Rex Farsight 2004

Rex Farsight 2004

Bird Beastman 2005

Bird Beastman 2005 Designed and sculpted by „Fondu“.

Mutant Berserker 2006

Mutant Berserker 2006 Sculpted and produced by Larraigne.

Chaos Warrior 2008

Chaos Warrior 2008 This miniature was created by a company named „Teblin“. Look like the company is out of business.