Dice of Belgium

Here some tournament dice of Belgium.


Turncoat A Belgian Tournament with nice give aways and prices.

Magictobe special 2013

Magictobe special 2013 I got these dice from TFF „Magictobe“ at Belgium. The custom D6 were created for the birth of his daugther. Thx a lot! đŸ™‚

The Filthy Fowlers

The Filthy Fowlers dice from OBBL (Ostend Blood Bowl League), Belgian

League of Rodents 2015

League of Rodents. A Belgian League at West-flanders. Only 100 made.

BBBF - Belgian Blood Bowl Federation

The BBBF is organizing the Belgian Championship, supporting team Belgium for Eurobowland doing and many other things in which the Belgian Blood Bowl community can be helped or optimised. Thx, William Fer, for this kind present at Dornbirn 2019.