Dice of Portugal

Here some tournament dice of Portugal.

NABBO - Tea Cup Dice 2011

NABBO – Tea Cup Dice 2011 This Portugal BB-League reached the 10th seasons and i got these dice and a nice printed dugout from TFF „Axtklinge“. Thx!

NABBO Tea Cup 2016

This Portugal BB-League dice of 2016 i got from TFF „Axtklinge“ again. Thx!

Eurobowl 2017 dice set

Eurobowl 2017 dice set, of the EuroBowl 2017 at Portu, Portugal. Thx, Michael aka Twyllenimor, for sending those to me!

Lusobowl - 2019

The dice of Lusobowl at Lisbon, Portugal , 2019.