Dutch Open Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Werwolf 2005

Amsterdam Werwolf 2005 At the Dutch Open 2005 Tournament it was possible to buy this LE Werwolf miniature. Its not a secret weapon miniature! This “ stick“ is a typical Amsterdam bollard turn off the street. The werwolf is wearing dutch shoes called clogs. And he is smoking a joint ! … just the typical Amsterdam guy ! A Dutch Chinese named Ming Hao sculpted this mini and 126 minis were cast.

Amsterdam Troll 2006

Amsterdam Troll 2006 Designed, sculpted and produced by David „Laraigne“. This miniature was a special present by David to me.

Amsterdam Minotaur 2007

Amsterdam Minotaur 2007 Designed and sculpted by „Fondu“.

Amsterdam Rat and Cheese 2008

Amsterdam Rat and Cheese 2008 Designed by Melvin de Voor, sculpted by Tom De Wulf and produced by Impact! Miniatures. A great multiple part set to use as turn counters and re-roll markers. The set has 4 different cheese figures, a mouse trap, and ratman figure. The ratman figure is a 5 part figure that requires experienced assembly. Impact! only has 100 sets of these to sell before they are retired from the store.(from Impact! website 2013)