FUMBBL Block Dice

FUMBBL is the largest online Blood Bowl league in the world. The first FUMBBL block dice, from the screen to tabletops worldwide, was crowdfunded using a kickstarter project 2012. “ Whatball designed a new set for use in the online client used to play the game on the site. Over time, people have been asking if the dice depicted on the front page of the site (and used in the client) are available for real so they could use them when playing the game on the tabletop as well.“


2013 – Black Opaque, square corners. Thx for the information, Ross Leckie!

„The idea is that we need $8000 total to be able to get these dice manufactured, and since we don’t have this amount of money up front (unfortunately), people like you can support the project through Kickstarter.“ Posted by: Christer on Tuesday, November 20, 2012.  And 390 supporters contributed 19.251 $ to make this project a reality!



2016 – Black Opaque, White Opaque, Red Pearl, Black Pearl.  Ross Leckie was the one who did the 2016-2019 batches. Thx for the pict and the information here, Ross!

Red Pearl FUMBBL block dice. Limited run of 20.

White Opaque FUMBBL block dice.

These are Black Opaque dice from the batch sold through the Fumbbl site. Only 40 were sold in 2016 and another 40 in 2017.
I got the pict from a ebay auction. Those dice were sold 2017 for £104.00!


2017 – Black Opaque, Red Pearl, Green Pearl, some were sold unpainted. Thx for the pict and the information, Ross Leckie!


2018 – Black Opaque, Blue Pearl (unpainted), White Pearl, Purple Pearl (unpainted). Thx for the pict and the information, Ross Leckie!


2019 – Black Opaque, Red Opaque, Orange Opaque, White Opaque (unpainted), Purple Opaque (unpainted) . Thx for the pict and the information, Ross Leckie!


2021 – Clear Black


2023 – Black Gem, Purple Gem. These are Gemstone Black FUMBBLE dice from the 2023 batch were sold through the Fumbbl site. There was also a Gemstone Violet version of these dice. This time i ordered them from the FUMBBLE website, while it was possible for a short time.