Zlurpee Bowl Indiapolis, USA

Zlurpus Zembachski 2007

Zlurpus Zembachski 2007 Zlurpus Zembashski was limited to a casting of 200 minis. This undead halfling star player comes with his own star player card. On the front of the card is his stats and skills, on the back is a short history of the figure, and a hand signed number for the figure. This one here is # 45/200. Sculpted by Lord Wiggley and produced by Ix.

Zlurpus Zembachski 2007 Card

Larry Da Zonk 2008

Larry Da Zonk 2008 Designed by Paco, sculpted by Alex Garrett and produced by Impact! Miniatures. While this Ogre was not released at the NAF World Cup, the Zlurpee Bowl had an Ogre created to match the NAF World Cup team by the same sketch artist and sculptor. He comes with two different right hands, one holding a Zlurpee and the other with knuckle dusters. Larry Da Zonk was limited to a casting of 150.

Lova Taytoopoo 2009

Lova Taytoopoo 2009