Fantasy Football Greebo Florence Knights

The miniatures of the Florence Knights, a Greebo Kickstarter project of 2017, can be used as a Bretonnian or a Human team.

All miniatures are made in 32mm scale, which, looks like, is the new standard scale for fantasy football after Games Workshop restarted Blood Bowl 2016.

The miniatures are very nice 3D sculpted, full of details and all different. The metal casting is… well, as usualy … best Greebo quality. Not much cleaning is necessary. The tags fit well into the bases. Just the knights are without tags and a bit difficult to fix on the bases. Also some of the just-one-leg-on-ground-miniatures are a bit off balance and need weights in the bases.

There are even more miniatures for this team. For a better overview I added the render picts of the miniatures i not own myself, too.