Fantasy Football Greebo – P-Orcs

This, a bit special themed, P-Orc-Team consists of 8 Lineorcs P-Porcs, 2 Throwers P-Porcs, 4 Blitzers P-Porcs, 4 Black Boars (2 different), 1 Big Boar, 4 P-Orclings and a P-Orc Ball. Additional a Doctor and a Mage P-Orcs were available as sideline miniatures. All miniatures were sculpted by Greebo and Deathowl and are casted in White Metal.

Personal note: I could resist this team, even as i told before i will not collect more teams (for this year). I was also told from Greebo in December 2018 that there will be two more different Black Boars later. I will add them later into the archives after a next order like the mage, too.