Fantasy Football Greebo Un-Renaissance WC

That is the Worldcup’s Limited Necro Team, sculpted by Greebo. A Undead and Necromancer Team with Renaissance theme. Every participants of the World Cup 2015 at Lucca, Italy got this team for free, sponsored by Greebo Games and NAF.

All together there are 12 different miniatures: 2 Wolf, 2 Ghoul, 2 Golem, 2 Whight and 4 Zombies.

Here also shown is a additional pack of miniatures to „upgrade“ the Necro team into a Undead team, too. This pack, which was not a gift, includes 3 Skeletons, 2 Ghoul and 2 Mummies.
This pack is a LIMITED Add-On Bundle made to complete the Worldcup III 2015’s team donated to participants. Available only during WorldCup Days with the Limited Skeleton #3

Personal note: Very clean casts with lots of details to paint. Easy to fix at the bases. Especial the Mummies and the Wrights are very nice sculpted.