Fantasy Football Greebo Un-Renaissance

At the Worldcup 2015 Greebo produced a Undead and Necromancer Team with a Renaissance theme. Every participants of the World Cup 2015 at Lucca, Italy got this team for free, sponsored by Greebo Games and NAF. To celebrate the success of this limited team, using a Kickstarter campaign 2016, a great number of compatible miniatures in the same style were produced, all about a Italian theme, the Renaissance.

This time more addional position miniatures like Wights, Mummies, Zombiesand Skeletons were addded. But also a lot of special characters, spectacular undead heroes, were sculpted, too. So many that I could´nt afford to buy all of them. But the most… 😉 Also included were three Cheerleaders, two dice and two markers. Some miniatures come with two heads option, too.

For the WCN 2015 a Calendar of real Cosplayers was produced and here you can see one of them called Gaia as miniature. Later more of those cosplayer miniatures were casted, which i will show later at a different page.

All miniatures are sculpted by Lorenzo Giusti aka „Greebo“ (except Alexander by RNestudio).All miniatures concepts (except Cheerleaders and Savonarola by Katerina Landon, Dante, Magnus, Ugolino by Macs Gallo) are made by Bernardo Anichini.

Personal note: Very clean casts with lots of amazing details to paint. Easy to fix at the bases. Thx a lot, Lorenzo, for some extras! 🙂