Fantasy Football Greebo Volmarian

All miniatures were sculpted 2011 and on sale from August 2011 by „Greebo Games“. The team consist of 17 miniatures. 6 Dwarves, 6 Hobgoblins, 2 Bullcentaurs, a prone and stunned marker for the Bulls and a marker. There are two additional arms to create a specialised dwarf with a claw or a ballgun.

The very compact, heavy metall miniatures were well casted. Most of the arms come as single pieces and the Bulls are multi part miniatures.

After the copyrights of the original sculpts were cleared a crowfunding Kickstarter project was finished in May 2014 from „Rolljordan“ redoing this team with the same sculpts. As far i understand the confusing project informations, the new team got additional a new ballgun dwarf, a new minotaur and some new hobgoblins.

Im showing here the painted miniatures, because i plain forgot to take picts of the whited miniatures. The minotaur is still not finished.