Hungry Troll – Ogres

„Hungry Troll“ is a small spanish company producing terrain, resin bases, customize trophies/markers and of course high quality miniatures. These miniatures were 3D sculpted by Sergi Torres, 3D printed by RN Studio and White metal casted by Beneito Miniaturas. The company produced this team using a IndieGOGO project in May 2015, reaching 201% of the intended aim.

The team started with 16 different miniatures. Six Ogres and 10 Snotlings, It was also possible to buy a resin version of this team.

Additional models and markers were added as stretch goals: A Ogre starplayer and a Starplayer Snotling, a second Ogre starplayer, throwing a snot, with a second optional arm, a female Ogre called Red Songra and a Flamethrower-Guitar playing snotling Starplayer, which got his whole rockband later. Some more nice pieces were a turnmarker, a prone and a stunned marker, 6 prone and 6 stunned markers for the ogres, a marker for a thrown snotling and 3 Blockdice.

The Ogre reporter i bought a bit later, but i think he fits well into this set of miniatures.

Personal note: Some greenstuffing and base-pining was necessary to assemble the metal team. And quite a surprise… all „only one leg on the ground“ ogres keep standing without any extra base weights! Well sculpted! I painted this team with great pleasure later, which you can see at the Fantasy Football projects section.