Hungry Troll – Plague Fields

„Hungry Troll“ is a small spanish company producing terrain, resin bases, customize trophies/markers and of course high quality miniatures. 3D sculpting of this team was done by Sergi Torres, Resin casting by GRx Resin and White metal casting by Beneito Miniaturas. The company produced this team using a IndieGOGO project in December 2015, reaching 430% of the intended aim.

For this team a lot of different miniatures were casted: A biiiig resin casted Mother Plaque, 4 Warriors, each with 2 heads options, 4 Putrid beast and 5 different rotters. 2 more free Rotters were added later. One of them, the Cheerleader Rotter, is a exclusive Indiegogo miniature.

2 different Mutation sprues for the warriors and beasts were included: Tentacles, crab claw, big hand, tail and a two heads mutation. I added some of the mutations at the miniatures shown here as i like them.
Some more additional miniatures of this team were a Calamandrake Star Player, a Coach, Chainsaw Ash Williams (someone remember the movie „Evil Dead“?), Lord Skull Taker and a Minotaur (the last two as normal and corrupted version each). A turnmarker, a rerollmarker and a little Mother Plaque for better handling of the big Mother at the pitch, when stunned or prone, were included, too.

btw… there was also a nice Goblin Rockband produced while this Indiegogoproject, which i´m showing at their own category.

Personal note: Some miniature/base-pining was necessary to assemble the metal team as most of the tabs of the miniatures were missing this time. Lots of funny nice details! Again a very nice produced team, Juan „Videador“.