Fantasy Football J-Bones-Industries Frogman

Johnny Bull, a Blood Bowl enthusiast and Certified nerd (his words, not mine) started a Indiegogo project end of 2016, which reached 605% of the intended funding goal! So there were a lot of add ones miniatures like the sideline miniatures and stretch goal miniatures like the starplayers. At the end a amount of approximately 14,000 miniatures were produced.

The team itself is designed specifically to provide a great representation of all of the positionals commonly used in fantasy football games. Linefrog 7 is designed to look more like a quarterback / leader in order to allow it to be utilised as a thrower, allowing the team to be used in game as a broader mix of teams. Every single miniature in the team is a unique sculpt.

The miniatures are sculpted by the well known Pedro „Poncho“ Ramos and casted in 28mm scale as white metal miniatures by Griffin Moulds JJP Ltd.

Quite a limited edition:
Johnny: „… Also, as this is not to be my main source of income I may not produce the team indefinitely after the campaign has ended so the teams you purchase may be quite a limited edition…“ (2016)

Personal note: It was a long wait until the miniatures arrived at the end in August 2017. But worth the wait for sure! Thx to Johnny and Pedro for this exceptionally team!