Fantasy Football Meiko Goblin

This team includes 2 different, real big Trolls and 12 different sculpted Goblin miniatures. Some of them were reused for a Meiko Underworld Team,too.

The miniatures were sculpted by Franarcilla and made by Meiko Miniatures. The onlineshop „Comixininos“ is selling those miniatures. Thanks a lot to Alex from Comixininos, for sending me again a nice team for my miniatures archives.

Personal note: The Trolls are all multi-part miniatures. Because of this it is a bit work of filing, pining and greenstuffing necessary to get the best results. But this is not to difficult… IMO.

Update 2016: I added a Bomber-Starplayer annd four more Secret Weapon Goblins: God of Thunder Fanatic Goblin, Pogo Spider Goblin, Green Goblin Bombardier and Gremlin with Chainsaw. Those miniatures are not shown at the team picture!