Fantasy Football Meiko Kaos Pact

This team was created using a Indiegogo crowfounding project.There are 15 Players included in this team: 1 Mutated Ogre, 1 Mutated Troll,1 Mutated Minotaur, 1 Dark Elf Renegade, 1 Ratman Renegade, 1 Goblin Renegade, 5 Marauders with no mutation and 4 Mutated Marauders (Two Heads, Extra Arm, Claws and Big Hand).

The miniatures were sculpted by Franarcilla and made by Meiko Miniatures. The onlineshop „Comixininos“ is selling those miniatures in different combinations as teams or single miniatures.
Thanks a lot to Alex for sending me again a nice team for my miniatures archives.

Personal note: Especial the Big Guys are very well sculpted and also the mutations should be fun to paint. 🙂