Fantasy Football Meiko Kaos

This Kaos Team, sculpted by Franarcilla and produced by Meiko Miniatures, was crowfounded using a Indiegogo project in October 2015 and shipped in February 2016.

The team includes the following players: 4 Kaos Warriors, 8 Beastmen with no Mutation, 4 Mutated Beastmen (Two Heads, Extra Arm, Claws and Big Hand), 3 Minotaurs (standard, mutated and Star Player) and 4 Kaos Demons (War, Mutation, Rotten and Pleasure), which can be used as alternative Beastmen. Also included are 3 new Star Players (Leader, Chainsaw and Tentacle), which can play with the Kaos Team. A Flipping coin, a football and a of cause mutated football completed this team.

The miniatures are on sale at „Comixininos“. Thanks a lot to Alex from Comixininos, for sending me again a nice team for my miniatures archives.

Personal note: All miniatures of this team are full of nice details and most of the miniatures are singlepart miniatures. Just the Minotauers needs some assembling.