Fantasy Football Meiko Lizards

The Standard-team includes 6 different Lizauri and a Big Guy Lizard. There are also 6 different little miniatures, called „Baby Lizards“.

As it was a Indiegogo campaign, which ended in February 2013, there were again some additional „ Reward-Perk-Miniatures“ : A Skink-Assassin „Hemlock“, a Starplayer Lizaurus „Silly Billy“, 2 Skink Cheerleaders, 2 Skink Bloodweisser Girls , a Coach and a Chameleon Apothecary. Additional exist a „maya-like“ Reroll-Marker and a doublesided Coin for the Big Guy used as Prone/Stunned-Marker.

The miniatures were sculpted by the Spanish sculptor Petro „Poncho“ Ramos and made by Meiko Miniatures. The onlineshop „Comixininos“ is selling these miniatures.

Personal note: Most of the miniatures are multi-part miniatures. Which means some work before painting..The small arms of the Baby-Lizards are to small for pining. And it takes some time to arrange everything right. A nice team with lot of Staff-miniatures for the coach, who like a big Showcase Team.