Fantasy Football Meiko Necromantic / Undead

Thats a quite a lot of miniatures, which can used to play a Necromatic or a Undead team. This pack shown here includes 2 Mummies, 2 Wights,2 Golems, 2 Werewolves, 4 Ghouls, 8 Zombies and 2 Skeletons.

The miniatures were sculpted by Franarcilla and made by Meiko Miniatures. The master moulds are made by Miniaturas Alemany.The onlineshop „Comixininos“ is selling those miniatures in different combinations as teams or single miniatures. Thanks a lot to Alex from Comixininos, for sending me again a nice team for my miniatures archives.

Personal note: A bit special are those zombies, which come from different races. A Orc Zombie, Dwarf Zombie, Norse Zombie; Hobgoblin, Elf and Darkelf Zombie. That is resurrection of the opponent team deaths…. a nice idea.