Fantasy Football Meiko Norse

This team was developed using a Indiegogo project in 2016 and was released 2017. It includes the following 16 Players: 1 Snow Troll, 2 Ulfwerners, 2 Blitzers/Berserkers, 2 Throwers, 2 Catchers / Runners, and 7 Norse Linemen. The campaign also includes a Norse Sara Star Player that can play with the Norse Team. Several more items were added as stretch levels like a Norse Football, one Norse Injury Dice, a Set of 3 Norse Block Dice, a Set of 2d6 Norse Dice, a Turn and a RR Counters and Prone / Stunned Snow Troll Tokens.

Before being hired by Games Workshop for the Warhammer line Sergi Torras, one of the best and most talented Fantasy Football 3D sculptors, sculpted this Meiko Miniatures Norse Team.

The onlineshop „Comixininos“ is selling those miniatures.

Personal note: A very well sculpted and crisp casted team of metal miniatures. Some moldlines cleaning is necessary and it takes some time to glue all the single arms in place. Helpfully that each miniature with separate arms comes in its own plastic bag. The scale is a bit larger than usualy, more like the „Greebo scale“. A nice add is, that all miniatures got player numbers already casted on them. Numbering is a easy part here. It definitly something different to hold these metal casted, all different miniatures in my hands than a resin or plastic team! But that is just my personal taste! A pity that i painted a Norse team from Greebo already before. So this team will move to the end of the list of „still to paint teams“.