Fantasy Football Meiko Orcs

This is the 12 Orcs Team variante which includes 4 Blackorcs, 4 Blitzers, 2 Line and 2 Throwers. Its possible to order 8 more different lineorcs. Update 2016: I added a Chainsaw Starplayer to the team.

The miniatures were sculpted by „Franarcilla“ and made 2013 by Meiko Miniatures. The onlineshop „Comixininos“ is selling all those miniatures. BTW, you can get a fitting Troll there, too.

Personal note: A nice brutal looking Orcteam, but putting this team together requires a bit work. Most of miniatures are multiparts-miniatures. No problem with that. Just some greenstuff and Superglue is needed. But the most time comsuming part is to get them on the bases at all. The main reasons for that is because the miniatures are big for the normal 25mm bases and quite a few of the tags are to just big for the slots, breaking easy or are bad casted. So be prepared for some pining and filing.