RNestudio – Revenants

This Vampire team, produced by the well known company RN Estudio, Málaga, Spain, was Indiegogo crowfunded 2016. The miniatures are made ​​of resin with maximum detail level.

Personal note: The miniatures are full of amazing details and are well casted. It takes some time and patience to assemble this team of 16 miniatures because most of the miniatures are multiparts ones. Its easy to loose small parts, so be careful while cutting those parts. Also take extra care of those well sculpted but very thin legs while assembling and playing with these miniatures later, too. I just glued and didnt prime the miniatures this time before i took the picts. So even more details of the cast are to see. There is still some more Greenstuff work to do before priming. Thx a lot again, Rafael Navajas, for this very nice unexpected birthday present!