Fantasy Football Roll Jordan Horned Frogs

The first miniatures of this team were released 25th of May 2009. There were 18 different miniatures for this nice sculpted Slann team, including the Coach, the two different Big Toads and the new
three Blitzers, which were released later.

These miniatures have also some nice background stories. Roll Jordan showed the greens of the miniatures at the TalkFantasy Football Forum while the sculptor was still at work.
So the TFF-Members could comment the work and could asked for changes of details. P.e. the „Thrower“ miniature is just still „alive“ because the TBB-Members asked to keep him in the team even there is no thrower in this team roster just because it is a nice sculpt. The first version of the BigToad was canceled because of the comments and a new version was created using the feedback of the community. But the first version toad still went in production later as a limited tournament miniature.

There was a Indiegogo project 2013 to financing the recasting of this team, which includes even more miniatures. One cheerleader of those miniatures is a LE miniature. The quality of those later casted miniatures is even better than the quality of the first miniatures.

Personal note: Roll Jordan send me one of the first resin casted teams, to which i later added the metal miniatures. Later I was lucky to win a full new frog team at a Roll Jordan sponsered draw. So here are the new miniatures, too. đŸ™‚