Fantasy Football – Star Bowl II – 2019

Starbowl II is a project that began more than 5 years ago with Star Bowl I, the idea of expanding the fantasy football world with new possibilities.

The 2019 Kickstarter campaign presents from 2 to 3 teams to be adapted to the skills of the Chaos, Ratmen, and Chaos Dwarf team:
Stuntytroopers Team as Chaos dwarf team with 6 stuntytroopers, 2 centaurs, 8 Hobdroidlings and Mino AT as Big guy.
Brood Team as ratmen version 2 throwers, 2 Blitzers, 4 catcher/runners, 8 linemans and Big Guy
Brood Team as Chaos team version: 4 hunt warriors, 12 brood beastmen and 1 Big Guy *(as chaos team all broods are considered as positional beastmen)

For Star Bowl for now 5 different sets of dice have been designed. Three versions you can see here at my dice page.

Rykar Jove РSculptor and design, Jean Hubert Rouppillard and Pedro Ramos РConcept art, AkaroDice Рproduction of Dice, Grx Cr̩ations РResin casting, Hysterical games Рmetal casting

Personal note: Somehow i missed this whole project…