Fantasy Football – Star Bowl – 2014

In August 2014 Rykar Jové started a Indiegogo project to produce this close to Star Wars themed team, which could played as a Goblin (Razor team) or a Ogre team (Tronik team), depending which miniatures are used.

The base team consists of 16 different „Jawflings“ including a Indiegogo Backers Only Jawling, 6 different „Razors“, two different „Troniks“ and 4 androids as a Secret Weapons pack.

A lot of people liked this theme and the miniatures and so supported this project. Because of this success quite a few additional miniatures wereproduced like some very well known Stars Wars Heros, 2 Cheerleaders, 4 Hooligans, a medical android and some markers. It is a „heavy“ team because a lot of bases are metal casted, too.

Pedro Ramos sculpted the miniatures of Master Emperor, Dark Father, BoFet and the Reroll markers. All other miniatures, as far i know, were sculpted by Rykar Jové himself.

It was also possible to buy 2 different Star Bowl pitchs and a kind of Orcteam called „Gamorreorks“. These miniatures are not shown here.

Personal note: I think, that is the team with the most number of miniatures in one team of my collection. After I played again a nice painted Star Bowl team at the Dungeon Bowl 2016 i finaly decided to prepare this team for my webarchives.