Fantasy Football Shadowforge Elf Gridiron

The female Elf Gridirion team of the Australian Company Shadowforge from Sydney.

There are 11 different player for this team. Additional to this team there is some support staff team, consisting of a Coach, a Trainer, a Nurse and 3 very nice Cheerleader. The miniatures were released 2003. All those miniatures are sculpted by Neil Holloway, the owner of Shadowforge.

Personal note: I started to paint this team, called „Moguntia Sweeties“ quite a time ago, but never finished it for a long time. After painting them 2008, while on holiday on Cuba i played the miniatures as Amazones. For this i needed 4 Blitzer and so i converted two new ones. I did this for some catchers and linewoman, too. Just a bit bending, arms cutting and exchanging. That was also the first time i painted the bases using the position coding colors. Red for Blitzer, white for Throwers and yellow for catchers. The painted miniatures you can find at the BB Projects section of my website.