Fantasy Football Shadowforge Orc Gridiron

Thats is the famous female Orc team of Shadowforge … 11 players are included in this team: 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Female Black Orcs and 5 Linewomen. But there are also a lot of sideline miniatures like coach, trainers, Cheerleaders, the owner of the team… And because those miniatures fit so well to this team im showing here also this very nice TV crew and a orc referee.

The company Shadowforge designs, sculpts and cast all their own miniatures in Sydney, Australia. They are/were an established and well loved company that have been producing miniatures since 1997. But now (2017) the company website is offline, but all the miniatures can be ordered by Eureka Miniatures. All those miniatures are sculpted by Neil Holloway, the owner of Shadowforge.

Personal note: A very nice, well casted, funny team.