StarPlayer Miniatures – Amazons

In February 2013 Necrom Studios used a Indiegogo project to produce this Amazon team sculpted by Enrique Palomares.

It consists of 4 Blitzers, 2 Thrower, 2 Catchers and 4 Linewoman, which all were different sculpted miniatures. Additional miniatures coming through stretch goals were a Big Woman named Berta, a Darkelv Witch,a Dryad Starplayer and a Sideline Staff Halfling. The 3D rendering pictures looked very promising.

There were some problems while casting the miniatures, more delays, more promises to send them soon. But just a few teams were shiped to some backers and here were also some complains about bad castings, too. Anyway… the project ended without sending the promised and paid miniatures to all the backers of the project. I was one of them, which got no miniatures at all.

And so it was a big surprise at April 2016… The company Starplayer Miniatures got the copyrights of the moulds and fullfilled the promises, which Necrom Studio had´nt. Starpalyer Miniatures first contacted the backers via email and, in my case, send all the miniatures in May 2016.

Very nice white metal casts, not much moldlines, some multiparts miniatures, which are easy to glue. A nice team.

Personal note: Well done, Starplayer Miniatures and THX a lot again!!