StarPlayer Miniatures – Deep Ones

„From the fathomless depths of the sea, from the terrible Devil’s Reef in front of Innsmouth┬┤s coasts, the amphibious hosts arrive, the Deep Ones come, dragging behind them centuries of pagan worship to the one who sleeps in R’lyeh, and with them, Dagon, the father of all, spreading despair and madness in his wake…“

A Lovecraft inspired Slann team, which is sculpted by Generic Miniatures and produced by Star Player Miniatures and released begin of 2017.

At the end of the kickstarter it was possible to choose any miniatures combination. The choices were managed through the pledge manager. So this team can be used to play different races. For example, it was possible to „create“ a Human roster with linemen, the blitzers, one or two catchers and the thrower like lineman. Same for other races.