Games Workshop 2nd Edition Chaosdwarf

There are 6 different miniatures and no starplayer for this team. The player number 6 of this team was very difficult to find. I got my number 6 from New Zealand.

There is a strange tale told between the collectors of Blood Bowl miniatures: the tale of the famous lost Chaos Dwarf Player number 7. 🙂 A long time it was believed, that this miniature exists. There is still a number for this miniature at old catalogs. But, after some research and information of Galak, i was told, that the mold was destroyed while the first casting. So there never existed a number 7 Chaos Dwarf miniature of the 2nd Edition at all! But you never knew, sometimes maybe a testcast survived … 🙂

Personal note: I started to paint some of the miniatures, using a colorschema i found in one of the old „White Dwarf “ magazines (issue #116). Well, they are still not ready painted.