Games Workshop 2nd Edition Snotling

For this race there are 35 (!) different miniatures. Better known are the 6 a bit larger miniatures of this team, which are standing at their own bases. The other 29 Snotlings are even smaller and, at older game edition, were put as groups at larger bases.

These little ones were sculpted by Kevin Adams.

Personal note: It was and is still difficult to get all different snotlings because they were sold once as random filled packs. For the 29 little ones i´m showing here the print, which is mostly used by the collectors. I´m just too lasy to take a pict of each of these little ones. 😉 There also exists a Warhammer Snotling pumpwagoon, which was used once as a kind of secret weapon with the very old rules. If i find the model sometimes in my dungeons i will post a pict here, too.