Games Workshop 2nd Edition Snotling

For the Snotling Team of the 2nd Edition there are 35 (!) different miniatures. Better known are the 6 a little larger miniatures of this team, which are standing at their own bases. The other 29 Snotlings are smaller and, at older game editions, were put as groups at larger square bases. These little ones were sculpted by Kevin Adams.

A interesting fact for collectors. While i checked, if i got all of the little ones i looked at the famous „Red catalog“ of 1991… there are 28 Snotlings shown at page 325 . But i also got into my WDs Archives, too. And at the WD 113 of 1989 there is a advertisment for 29 Snotlings… Looks like one went missing between 1989 and 1991.

Personal note: It was and is still difficult to get all different little Snotlings because they were sold once as random filled packs. I´m using the release advertisment print at the White Dwarf #113 (May 1989) as reference pict to give each little Snotling a number now.  I took a pict of each single Snotling and hope, this helps some collectors now, too. 😉  btw… there also exists a Warhammer Snotling pumpwagoon, which was used once as a kind of secret weapon with the very old rules. I added a pict of the parts here, too. I´m missing the crew of this vehicle.