Games Workshop 3rd Edition Chaosdwarf

There are 9 different miniatures for this team. Hthark the Unstoppable is playing for this team as starplayer.

All miniatures were sculpted by Gary Morley and released 1994.

There are quite a few conversions of Bullcentaures made from Warhammer miniatures for this team as there is no special Blood Bowl miniature for this position. Only Hthark can be used as normal Blood Bowl Bullcentaurs, too.

For the Big Guy Minotaur exists no 3rd Edition Blood Bowl miniature, too. So at the beginning the Minotaur miniatures of the 2nd and later the one of 5th Edition were used.

BTW… This was also the race i played my very first Blood Bowl game 2003 against Tim Ibe´s CDs as a teaching game after a ebay deal. Just before i was just a painter and collector of Blood Bowl miniatures and after this game i started to play at tournaments and leagues, too. Thx to Tim i´m spending quite some time now for this hobby.

UPDATE: For one week only, some classic teams and some old starplayers returned to Blood Bowl thanks to a „Made To Order“ action. In 2017 it was possible to order this Chaosdwarf team from Games Workshop Online store for a week as metal casts.