Games Workshop – 3rd Edition Blood Bowl – Stars and Big Guys

There are 20 different starplayer and Big Guy miniatures of different races for the 3rd Edition. All miniatures were sculpted by Gary Morley and released 1994.

Personal note: These were the first Blood Bowl miniatures i painted at all about 1996. As I never thought in this time, that i would play them on a pitch i used the square bases for my showcase. đŸ˜‰

Griff Oberwald

Varag Ghoul Chewer

The Mighty Zug

Scrappa Sorehead

Nobbla Blackwart

Fungus the Loon

Bomber Dribblesnot

Jordell Freshbreeze

Prince Moranian

Horkon Heartripper

Count Luthor von Drakenburg

Lord Borak The Despoiler

Hakflem Skuttlespike

Grim Ironjaw


Morg N Thorg

Ripper Bolgrot

Head Splitter

Hthark the Unstoppable

Grashnak Blackhoof