Games Workshop 4th Edition Star and Big Guy


The Sauri Silibili is the only starplayer for the Lizards.


The famous Barbarian Thrud was sculpted by Mark Bedford as a Blood Bowl miniature. Carl Critchlow┬┤s comic charactere appeared quite often in the very old „White Dwarf“ magazines.
„GW produced the BB Thrud on the assumption they owned the IP, but they did not. In a karma-fucking-tastic moment of justice, Carl Critchlow slapped GW with a Cease and Desist order and they had to stop production on the mini instantly. As a result, the mini is rather rare and highly sought after.“ Thx, Rams, for this info! ­čÖé


The Kroxigor with two different headversions for the Lizard team was sculpted by Phil Bowen.


The Treeman of the 4th Edition was sculpted by Mark Bedford.

UPDATE: For one week only, some classic teams and some old starplayers returned to Blood Bowl thanks to a „Made To Order“ action. In 2017 and 2019 it was possible to order this treeman from Games Workshop Online store for a week as a metal cast.