Games Workshop 5th Edition Human

Finaly a team again with 16 different sculpted miniatures for all positions! A long time there were just pictures of resin precasts at the ´net. But now this team is well liked and quite expensive. All miniatures are sculpted by Mark Bedford and released May 2005.

BTW… This team should be first of row of remakes of older teams. And at the BB 2005 at Nottingham there were even some “ Greens“ of new BLood Bowl Dwarfs. But it took 11 full years before the new Blood Bowl teams of the 6th Edition were release by Games Workshop.

There are a lot of spikes and claws on these miniatures, which i cut later before painting my team. I played this team at leagues and tournaments as i like it a lot. I converted a Mordheim ogre as a Big Guy Ogre for this team. The painted team you can find in the Fantasy Football project section of this website.