Games Workshop 5th Edition Khemri

This team consists of two Mummies and a lot of different skeletons … ehm…. parts of skeletons. These skeletons are metall multiparts miniatures ( a body sprue, a collar sprue, a headsprue, a pads sprue and two different leg parts), but the single components are not easy to fit together and more for experienced gamer. They also tend to break on the pitch. I was told, that´s easier to use the plastic Warhammer skeletons together with the metall Khemri components.

This team was sculpted by Phil Bowen and released 2002. Two years later, 2004 the Starplayer Ramtut III, sculpted by Phil Bowen, too, and the Khemri Cheerleader, sculpted by Shane Hoyle, followed.

Until now i didnt like to glue my own skeleton parts together. But TFF member „Bonehead“ send me some scans of his primed Khemri skeletons. Thanks a lot, Heiko !!

UPDATE: For one week only, some classic teams and some old starplayers returned to Blood Bowl thanks to a „Made To Order“ action. October 2021 it was possible to order this Khemri team from Games Workshop Online store for a week as metal casts.