Games Workshop 5th Edition Ogre

That is a team made of interchangeable components: 3 different bodies, 9 different arms, 4 different legs and 6 different heads. Two goblins, one standing and holding a ball, and one, ready to fly, belongs to this team, too. They are sculpted by Aly Morrison and Mark Harrison  and released 2002. Thx, Paul Wake, for this information! (2023)

And this Ogre Cheerleader is one of the uglies miniatures of all Games Workshop Blood Bowl miniatures. „She“ is sculpted by Felix Paniagua.

With all those different parts, a lot of Greenstuff and some carefully bending its possible to create a very special unique team. But the assembly of the miniatures is not easy. The use of metall pins and lot of „Greenstuff“ is necessary as the parts fit not perfect together. Here some WIP-pictures of my team. I started this team while there were different rule set about the numbers of Ogres per team…

UPDATE: For one week only, some classic teams and some old starplayers returned to Blood Bowl thanks to a „Made To Order“ action. In 2017 it was possible to order this Ogre team from Games Workshop Online store for a week as metal casts.