Games Workshop 6th Edition Goblin Secrect Weapon pack

There are 3 unsportsmanlike Secret Weapons for a Goblin team – 1 Bomma, 1 Looney and 1 Fanatic. Each wear quite a lot of armour, hoping to delay their inevitable smearing across the pitch. The Fanatic wields an evil-looking ball and chain, the Looney strides purposefully forward with a small yet perfectly formed chainsaw and the Bomma… well, he’s carrying a bomb larger than his head, emitting a plume of noxious smoke as the fuse edges dangerously close to something of a violent exothermic reaction. If you’re going to cheat, bombs are a pretty good way to do it!

These 3 resin miniatures come as 12 components and were sculpted by ??? and realeased June 2017.