Games Workshop 6th Edition Orc The Gouged Eye

This plastic Orc team The Gouged Eye, produced by Games Workshop, was released on 25th of November 2016 and was one of the two teams, which were included into the new Blood Bowl Gamebox. Later a teambox with the orc team only followed.

The miniatures were sculpted by Maxime Pastourel, based on a dolly by Steve Buddle. (Info by Andy Hoare, GW… thx for this!)

For this team from the gamebox there are two identical plastic sprues, a transfersheet (black and white font) and a instructionsheet, how to assemble the miniatures. Each of the plastic sprue contains 6 different multipart miniatures, 3 balls, a team marker and a coin. After assembling all miniatures the box contains 2 Blackorcs,2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers and 6 Lineorcs. BTW, one of the ball is a little blown up Squig, missing a leg… I´m showing here also the green Orc dice set, which came with the gamebox, too.

May 2017 there was also a Orc team bundle on sale called Da Deff Skwadd, which consists of a Orc Blood Bowl Team, a Blood Bowl Troll and a box of 4 Blood Bowl Goblins.
December 2018 another Orc Bundle „Full Roster“ was released. This bundle contains now a full team of 16 Blood Bowl players of 6 Linemen, 4 Black Orcs, 3 Throwers and 3 Blitzers, from the two sets of the Gouged Eye Blood Bowl Orc Team (contains 12 plastic miniatures plus accessories) and the Blood Bowl Orc Team Booster (contains 4 resin miniatures).

Personal note: Nice sculpted big miniatures. Not much moldline, which are easy to remove because of the plastic material. The single „clickable“ pieces of the multipart miniature fit very good even without glue.