Games Workshop 6th Edition Orc Orcland Raiders

This new combined plastic Orc team (actually the Gouged Eye) and a resin kit from Forge World allows to build one of the most fearsome greenskin teams in Blood Bowl history, the Orcland Raiders . Those orcs are mean, as they all have helmets with horns – always a sure giveaway with Orcs.

The resin components simply replace their plastic equivalents, with the arms, heads and armoured shoulder pads giving the orc team a authentic Orcland Raiders look with a minimum of fuss.

The resin kit was sculpted by Rob Macfarlane and released June 2017.

Personal note: A nice looking team, which i would have preferred over the Gouged Eye Orc team. But as they are actualy the same miniatures like the 6th edition Orc team with some additional resin parts i´m showing here some picts which i took from the Warhammer Community website. If i ever will buy those miniatures i will post more picts.