Games Workshop 7th Edition – Gnomes – Glimdwarrow Groundhogs

Gnomes are avid Blood Bowl fans who usually stick to their own secluded burrows, but every once in a while a team will enter the ‘big’ world and make a name for themselves in the leagues – usually through the popularity of their adorable woodland compatriots rather than any actual skill or success.

Whether it’s a Beastmaster working alongside a ferocious goose to shore up their team’s line of defence or a speedy fox sprinting downfield with the ball in their mouth, Gnomes make use of many furry friends to fill in where their short stature can’t compete. Then if that isn’t enough to secure some touchdowns, their mastery of illusions and capricious tricks surely is.

This 102 plastic components plastic kit builds the Glimdwarrow Groundhogs.  The team comprises eight Gnome Linemen, two Woodland Foxes, two Gnome Illusionists, and two Gnome Beastmasters. There are four head options that can be used with any of the four different Lineman bodies, as well as two alternative heads for each of the other positions. The Beastmasters have a choice of staff toppers, as well as either goose or badger friends.

Sculpted by xxx and released 20th of April 2024 by Games Workshop