Games Workshop 7th Edition – Norse – Norsca Rampagers

„The Norse team has some unique positionals, including the skilful Valkyries, the brutal Berzerkers, and the even more brutal Ulfwereners, who look like they could have flown in straight from Fenris for a game of Blood Bowl. And there is the Beer Boar, which provide a quick mid-game pick-me-up to the rest of the team…“

Norse teams enjoy nothing more than a good scrap. These hardened players excel in getting up close and personal with the opposition, throwing blocks left and right as they mercilessly hammer their way to the end zone – and no doubt the tavern that lies beyond!

The multi-part kit is comprised of 120 plastic components. The team is made up of 6 Norse Raider Linemen, 2 Beer Boar, 2 Norse Berserkers, 2 Ulfwereners and 2 Valkyries. In addition, there are 2 double-sided Blood Bowl coins, 2 turn and re-roll markers, 4 balls, and a transfer sheet with 292 decals. The miniatures are sculpted by ??? and released April 2022.