Blood Bowl – 7th Edition – Pitchs

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition Gamebox Pitch - Human/Orc

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Necromantic pitch

The double-sided Necromantic pitch comes with two dugouts and optional special rules.

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Halfling

One side of the Halfling board is decorated with the trappings of a quaint rustic feast. The Halfling symbol of a crossed fork and knife is proudly emblazoned in the middle of the pitch. Flip the board over to reveal the sloppy aftermath of getting a little carried away with the festivities.

The package includes two double-sided dugouts to match the style of the pitch. Each side of the dugouts feature the usual Reserves, Knocked Out and Casualty boxes, plus score, turn, and Re-roll trackers.

Released March 2021

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Sevens Pitch

Amateur games of Blood Bowl are often played on a smaller pitch, with fewer players. So it makes sense that the pitch is reduced in size too. As such, some pitches are smaller than standard Blood Bowl regulations dictate, designed specifically for use when playing games of Sevens.

This reversible Blood Bowl pitch features a standard turf field on one side and astrogranite tiles on the reverse.
There is also a pair of matching double-sided dugouts to complete the theme. Redesigned for games of Sevens, each dugout features a shorter Score, Turn, and Re-roll tracker, plus Reserves, Knocked-out, and Casualty boxes.

Released 17th of April 2021

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Chaos Chosen

The stadiums of Chaos Chosen teams have more in common with arenas built for mortal combat than a sporting pitch.

One side of the pitch depicts the unyielding stone of a regulation pitch, but the piles of skulls marking the end zones leave little question as to the team’s inclinations. The other side of the pitch show the awakened form of the pitch, brimming with the raw power of Chaos.

Released 15th of May 2021

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Shambling Undead

Many Shambling Undead teams set up their games in graveyards. Necromancers like the company of the dead, so it is only natural that they are attracted to such places.

One side of this pitch represents a sombre graveyard, replete with stone tombs, grave markers, and the flaming skull icon of the Shambling Undead. The other side features the same pitch but in a chilling night-time scene.

Released 14th of August 2021

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Dark Elf

The Dark Elves team home ground is set on the deck of a Dark Elf ship. While the Dark Elf team is filled with sneaky Assassins and bloodthirsty Witch Elves, there are bigger concerns lurking in the deep…

One side of this board depicts a Dark Elf home pitch on the deck of a ship, emblazoned with a giant Dark Elf team icon. The reverse of the board shows the pitch half-submerged, with tentacles writhing across the wooden surface.

Released 18th of September 2021

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Khorne

The Khorne team’s home pitch doubles as both a place to play Blood Bowl and a place to worship Khorne – some say the two go hand in hand so well that there is no practical difference. Over time the horror of this skull-strewn gridiron becomes blessed by Khorne and blood rains from the sky.

Both sides of this board depict a Khorne team home pitch, giant brass symbols of Khorne surrounded by thousands of skulls. The dugouts feature skull-packed and bloody sides.

Released 13th of November 2021 and was sold out 8th of November. 😉

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Goblin

The Goblins prefer their pitches to feel like home – barren, desolate, and covered in mushrooms.
One side of the game board is covered in craters and pockmarks, with the symbol of the Bad Moon at its centre. The other side shows the aftermath of a heavy rainstorm, with the dugouts and craters embedded in the pitch knee-deep (or waist-deep, for a Goblin) in water.
Released 4th of December 2021.

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Wood Elf

A Wood Elf stadium is a carefully maintained sanctuary, a picturesque reserve for trees, woodland spirits, and the noble art of Blood Bowl.

One side of this pitch is vibrant and green, representing the power of nature, with a Wood Elf symbol in full bloom at the centre. On the other side you’ll find the calming autumn hues of the waning forest, lit by woodland spirits that sing soothing songs to heal wounded players.
Released 2022.

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Norse

There are few grand stadia in Norsca, for most of the Blood Bowl pitches in that icy land are loosely constructed on fjords, frozen lakes, or wind-battered tundra.

The Frozen Lake pitch has two sides – one depicting the pitch in fair weather, with the lake covered in a thick sheet of ice. The other side depicts the pitch after some disaster or another has caused the ice to break apart, exposing the freezing waters below.

Released April 2022.

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Elven Union

The winds of magic flow freely across the Elven Union’s home turf, which is just as likely to be an idyllic, perfectly tended patch of lush turf as it is to be a glassy sheet of ice – all the better for these peerless athletes to demonstrate their grace and composure.

One side of this pitch is immaculately tended, complete with an elegant pattern cut into the turf. The other side is covered by a sheet of mystical ice, marked with the elegant swirls left behind by ice-skating elves.

Released August 2022.



Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Snotling

When you’re as bad at Blood Bowl as a Snotling team, home-field advantage is especially important. This set contains a high-quality double-sided cardboard pitch for Snotling teams – one ‘orrible muddy bog, and one spore-choked pitch with its own special rules included in the box. Those mushroom clouds can get unpleasant enough to force players off the pitch! You also get a similarly fungal set of dugouts.

Released September 2022.


Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Amazon

The majority of stadia belonging to the Amazonians are located deep within the Lustrian jungle, concealed within clearings or hidden groves.

One side of the pitch is a dense jungle floor littered with poisonous serpents, featuring a prominent Amazon Team icon in the centre. On the other side, torrential rainfall has flooded the pitch, attracting the colourful birds and great scaled beasts native to Lustria.

Released Oktober 2022.

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Gutterbowl

The sport of Gutter Bowl has its murky origins in downtown Altdorf in 2475. Fans kicked out of opposing taverns after a fraught finale began a melee that raged for five hours until the battered ball in play was torn in two. Exceptionally violent and even more shambolic than the most Nuffle-blasted game of Blood Bowl, this urban variant is now outlawed in most cities and settlements.

The expansion contains the Gutter Bowl rulebook, a double-sided game board with streets on one side and sewers on the other, and two matching dugouts.

Released ???? 2023.

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Vampires

The castle ballrooms and grand halls used as Blood Bowl pitches by the Vampire dynasties are far removed from the traditional stadia that feature across the known world.

One side shows the stunning castle floor with luxurious fabrics and numerous candles, while the flip side shows the pitch ablaze after the candles have burned the Vampires’ coffins and the chandelier has collapsed on the carpet. Included also a pair of matching double-sided dugouts to complete the theme.

Released 30th of September 2023.

Blood Bowl - 7th Edition - Gnomes

Gnome teams play Blood Bowl on pitches deep within their mysterious forests, in clearings between the trees…. magic hangs in the air, and all manner of creatures, both fey and mundane, come out of hiding to watch their Gnome friends play Blood Bowl!

One side of this pitch depicts a mystical forest clearing, strewn with wildflowers, skittering critters, roots, and mushrooms. The reverse shows the same scene at night, lit by a mysterious magical force, and glowing clusters of fungus.

Released 20th of April  2024.