Games Workshop 7th Edition – Vampire – Drakfang Thirsters

The full-blooded Vampire players are a force to be reckoned with, able to sprint like an Elf, blitz like an Orc, and throw like another, different Elf.

Despite their physical dominance and immortal experience, Vampires are still afflicted by their hunger for blood, and the casual violence of an average Blood Bowl game can whip their thirst to a fever pitch.

The 96 plastic components kit comprises eight Thrall Linemen, two Vampire Runners, two Vampire Blitzers, and two Vampire Throwers. It includes also alternate heads for each of the  Vampire players and an alternate arm for a Thrower. Included are two double-sided Blood Bowl coins, two turn and re-roll markers, four balls, and a Vampire Team Transfer Sheet.

Skulpted by ??? and released by Games Workshop 30th of September 2023.