Hungry Troll – Broken Jaws Pirate Orks

The green skins attack disembark again! Broken Jaws: the pirate ork team for Fantasy Football
A kickstarter project from Frebruary 2019. Delivery is planed November 2019.

Sculptors: Artai Gah , Fanath (Raul) and Robotwins (Hugo and Aaron)
Concept artist & Sculptor: Poncho (Pedro Ramos )
Concept Artist: Thewaz (Manuel)
Concept Artist & graphic designer: Lanza Studio (Jose David Lanza)
3D print Services: Hydra Studio
White Metal Caster: Beneito Miniaturas (Jose Hidalgo)
The Hungry Troll (CEO/manager „or something like that“): Juan Willke, Videador

Im showing here just the picts of the basic 16 miniatures team. But there are lots of additional miniatures for this team… all together 38 miniatures đŸ™‚