Hungry Troll – Goblin Corsairs

The very well prepared Kickstarter champaign in January 2018 had a total of 30 goblins and 5 trolls and was funded in 30 minutes.

All miniatures are different and most of the miniatures come in one piece, just a few miniatures need assembling. There is a resin and a white metal version of this team.

All miniatures are sculpted by Pedro „Poncho“ Ramos.
Metal casting by Miniaturas Beneito. All metal produce in Hungry Troll are made by Jose.
Resin casting by GRX Creations. Working with Franck started 2 years ago for the Plague Fields campaign and now he is a regular caster for the company.
Lanza Studio made a great work pimping the Ponchos Concepts and illustrating the campaign.
All the other stuff made by Juan „Videador“ Willke.

There were a lot of addional und stretchgoal miniatures for this team like the different captains and the two different secret weapon sets.

Personal note: I didnt buy the two „normal“ trolls of the team. So they are not shown here at this gallery. This team i will paint for sure and will build a special teambase, too. Because of difficulties with my eye it will take longer. But i will try my best.. đŸ˜‰